Top 10 Best school Bags in India 2021- (Super Cool Bags)

Top 10 Best school Bags in India 2021- (Super Cool Bags)

Are you searching for best school bags in India ? If yes, Then stop searching more  you are at right place.  Lets Start

There are too much load is put on the tiny shoulder of  kids  nowadays the education system in the country is putting weight of too much books on the shoulder of kids if the bag in which they put that books are not of good quality and standard then it will affect the health of your kid in a bad way that you don’t want. So a Best School Bag must be there.

Choosing the right school bag for a boy, girl or kid is a hard decision to make. Because there are various types of school bags, and each bag is different from each other.

There are hell lot of brands for School bags, finding best school bag from different brands is a difficult and time consuming task. But don’t worry when we are here,  we have done this task for you after doing a brief research,

We have made a list of Best School bags in India  or  Best School Bags Brands in India  which will help you in selecting a best school bag for yourself. We have also added a Pros and cons section with each product which will helps you in understanding the data more precisely.

We have also added a Comprehensive Buying Guide or Features to Look before Buying a  school bag for you which will tell you about what factors you have to  see before buying a school bag  for yourself .

Must read the buying guide If you are purchasing a school Bag for first time.  So first lets the buying guide. Are you ready to see the buying guide ? Lets go.

Buying Guide For School Bags


Features to look before buying a school bag

1. Durability standard:

Always look for the durability standard before selecting the best school bags for your kids. Let’s imagine a school bag that you have purchased for your kid without looking at the standard of the bag and by which after some time the bag started to tear from different parts and don’t last a month.

By which you have lost a good amount after purchasing the bag without looking at the standard. So always look at the durability of the bag before purchasing it.

2. Choose  the bag with broad padded straps:

When you go for purchasing a school bag for your kid, you should look at the straps of the bag whichever you are going to select. If the straps of the school bags are thin, then it will put too much strain on the kid’s shoulder.

There are varieties of school bags available in the market with good padded broad straps, which helps to carry the heavyweight of kid’s books easily, and because of the extra padding, there is no strain on kids’ shoulders. So always buy the right product for your kid.

 3. Look for pockets:

Before buying a school bag, you should always look at the number of pockets given on the school bag. Because nowadays the education system has changed a lot by which there need for different things by kids for learning and for that there should also be enough space and pockets available in the school bag to put all that things properly.

4. Look for long handle and wheels:

There are new innovative ideas present in the market to remove the stress of carrying school bags by the tiny shoulder of the kids. Nowadays, there are too many books for little kids study, and after putting all those books in the bag, it becomes too heavy for a kid to carry.

There are wheels present on the bottom side of the backpack, which make it easy to carry everywhere by kids without feeling the weight. So go on buying your kid a bag with wheels and long handles and make the schooling easy for him.

5. Select the bag with appropriate size for kids:

Size is the most important factor you have to look before buying a school bag. If the size of the bag is big, then it is no use for the kid in the lower grade because he doesn’t have to take lots of books and any other things at school at that age.

And carrying the big bags can be a very big problem for the kids because of the big size the weight of the bag also increases, which makes it difficult for kids to carry it for a long time. So size matters always.


6. Check the hardware of the bags:

Check the The hardware, like chains and material that is used in the bag, always checks them before going to purchase a school bag. You don’t want yourself to feel bad about getting yourself a bad deal in a school bag.  So check for any type of issue in the hardware of the school bag and choose the best school bag for your kids.

7. Color and Design

The color and designs are also one of the most significant highlights that one processes out while purchasing school bags. Younger students mostly  prefer  bags with graphical images &  prints of their preferred animation characters, while understudies may incline toward in trendy colorful printed bags. So Must look color and design factor before buying a school bag.

So these are the features you have to see before buying a school bag or college bag, this buying guide will help you in buying a Best school bag. We hope you liked the features.  Now Lets see the  list of Best school Bags in India or Best School Bags Brands in India.

 This list cover all range school bags of best quality. In this list we you will find Best school Bags for Boys and girls. Here You will find Best school Bags online, Stylish bags for school , Beautiful school bags .  Are you ready to see the list of Top 10 Best school bags ? If yes then lets go.

Top 10 Best School Bags in India 2021


Best School Bags Brands in India

Best School Bags in India 2021Ratings
American Tourister 49.5 Cm’s Casual Red Best School Bag In India4.7 out of 5
F Gear 45 Ltrs Best Casual School Bag In India 20214.6 out of 5
Genie 29 Liters Best School Bag For Girls4.4 out of 5
Skybags 26 Ltrs Best Casual Backpack Under 1000 Rupees.4.3 out of 5
Polestar Noble 32 Liters Casual Best School Bag4.1 out of 5
Heroz Harbor 25 Ltrs Best School Bag Online4.2 out of 5
Puma 23 Liters Branded School Bag At Low Price4.5 out of 5
Fastrack 21 Ltrs Branded School Bag Online In India4.9 out of 5
Amazon Basics 21 Liters Best School Bag In India4.2 out of 5
Adisa 31 Ltrs Best School Bag For Boys And Girls In India4 out of 5
Chris And Kate 42 Liters Best School Or College Bag In India 20214.3 out of 5
Aristocrat 25 Litrs Stylish Bag For School4.4 out of 5
Air Case 15 Inches Best School Bag For Girls4.3 out of 5
Quechua Best School Brand Bag In India4.6 out of 5
Thedzire Blue Color 32 Lt Beautiful School Backpack4.9 out of 5

1. American Tourister 49.5 cm’s Casual Red Best  School Bag in India

Best School Bags in India

This awesome lightweight bag also comes with multiple organized compartments that are suitable for school students just like you. Made with durable and water-resistant polyester material.

Equipped with 3 compartments to store your books, notebooks, diaries, lunch boxes. It has an internal organizer that provides you access to your handy items like wallet, pencil case, pens and whatever you carry.

Padded back and shoulder strap provide comfort & better back support. You get mesh pockets on both sides to carry your sipper or water bottle and 1 Year of warranty.

  • Highly Durable

  • Lightweight backpack

  • Water-resistant

  • Spacious compartments

  • 1-year warranty

  • Not Waterproof

  • It is not breathable


2. F gear 45 ltrs Best Casual School Bag in India 2021

F gear 45 Liters Best School Bag in India 2021

It features both a zip closure along with drawstring closure options dedicated to the compartments. The backpacks also come with rain-cover, and the material in use also makes it water-resistant to some extent. You can choose from the options of water-resistant and the semi water-resistant options available in the stores. They come in various shapes like geometric, solids, graphic and also gives a variety of texture options.

The backpacks give a multi-faceted approach as you can carry it on all occasions because of their chic and unique designs. The straps which are padded make it easier to carry, and you don’t need to worry about the persistent backaches due to overloading stuff.

  • Fully Padded and Adjustable straps
  • It can be easily used as travel bag
  • It provides the right quality product which serves for long years
  • It also comes with a smart front pocket as well as organized interiors
  • Logo is not fixed sturdily, and hence there are chances that it might rip off
  • Designs are a tad bit compact, minimizing the storage options

3. Genie 29 Liters Best School Bag for Girls

Best school Bag for Girls

They are college favorites being available in various cool designs and colors. It is very durable, which calls for long-term usage. The backpacks designed by this brand are spacious, allowing a greater packing area for carrying all the necessary belongings.

You can comfortably use this back for school, college, and also for recreational purposes. The distinct hues available gives the backpacks that extra pop of color, allowing you to take it for a casual weekend ride or a for a get-together! The materials used for the backpacks are nature-friendly and PVC is not used in its production.

The backpacks are compact, offering many compartments so that the organization becomes easier. The padded straps are adjustable, which ensures that you can carry the backpacks for hours without any stress to your backbone.

They also feature a pocket on the side of the bags made of fabric to bring the bottle. Besides, the loop feature allows you to grab hold of the bag when in a hurry!

  • Ideal for long term use due to the use of highly durable material.
  • A wide range of popping colors are available from this brand, which ensures its multi-purpose usage.
  • Compact yet spacious.
  • It also comes with rain cover
  • It is shower-proof and not really waterproof.

4. Skybags  26 ltrs Best  Casual Backpack under 1000 Rupees.

Best school Bag under1000 Rupees

It is perfect for any professional use, as they radiate that highly sophisticated charm.  It will steal everybody’s attention in your next board meeting! The backpack is designed to ensure comfort to the user and in a way, such that it is functional to the utmost level.

The backpack features padded straps with a soft cushioning for your backbone. This provides an ultra-comfort to your spine as you are travelling long-distances with the backpack on! They offer bright hues, but at the same time radiates a professional look.

They are manufactured with very durable fabric and lasts long. The brand claims that they are specifically designed to last through rugged terrains and intense use. Hence, with drawstring and zip closure, you can easily make this backpack your everyday office partner!

  • It can tolerate intense pressure and is best for daily usage.
  • The backpack is resistant to water, dirt and severe weather conditions.
  • Has a classy look.
  • It also comes with two zippered pockets as well
  • Comes with most bright and attractive looks
  • Colors offered by this brand are not so vivid, so those in favor of quirky colors will not be satisfied.
  • This brand can be a burden to your pocket, depending on the product you choose.

5. Polestar noble 32  Liters  Casual Best School Bag
Polestar Best School Bags in India

This backpack would be ideally suited for men. Its Casual is a backpack  releasing designs that are chic and comfortable. The stylish look of this backpack has earned a lot of appreciation, and they have been Amazon’s best choice for quite some time now!

The prices are budget-friendly, making the purchase worth for money. They generally come with a single compartment for organizing all the stuff.

This can very well be the perfect bag for your next out of station business trip. Carry the laptop at ease without hurting your spine, while enjoying that sophisticated look!

  • It is highly water-resistant, relieving you off all the anxiety of a rain cover
  • It is unique air mesh at the back side
  • The affordable pricing of the F Gear products will win them brownie points.
  • Gives you that classy yet professional style statement to your attire.
  • It is designed to carry laptops within thirteen inches range, hence not suited for larger ones.
  • It comes with a single compartment

6. Heroz Harbor 25 Ltrs Best School Bag Online

Best School Bag for Boys

It offers you all that you would want in a comfortable backpack. The backpacks give a combined play and work-look in a single bag. It can add to the style statement as an appropriate accessory and is perfect for the smart, professional look too!

The entire space that is offered in these bags is super amazing. The bags can house, from anything to everything. Stuff your regular necessities along with the laptop for any casual tour or a business meeting, and you can travel worry-free!

  • Features with super-stylish design.
  • Comfort is their key.
  • It looks more stylish in lightweight as well
  • Made with double dot polyester fabric
  • Can be heavy on your pocket.
  • Less Ratings

7. Puma 23 Liters Branded School Bag at Low price

Puma Branded School Bag at Low price

No wonder the  backpack caters to most of the essential requirements that you would search for in an ideal backpack! They are inspired by the vision that you can store anything in these compact yet spacious backpack range.

So, you have ample space to store whatever necessities you require. The super water-resistant facility with the thinness of the materials put to use is the bonus!

  • It comes with a multi-compartment facility, which enables you to carry many things.
  • Ideal as both casual and sporty accessory.
  • The extreme lightweight and water resistance makes them the choice to be.
  • Padded shoulder straps allow the user to hold the bag for a long time.
  • Durable in nature
  • Not a perfect bag for a professional or formal look.

8. Fastrack 21 Ltrs Branded School Bag Online in India

Branded School Bags Online

They feature unisex bags, and hence there is hardly any hassle for differentiating the bag between your son and daughter. Besides, the quality they provide is perfect for the rough uses in schools and colleges.

They also have a range of backpacks that come with a laptop slot. So, you would get any feature combination that you desire.

The plus points of  backpack is that they have multiple pocket systems, both in the interiors and exteriors with mesh pockets so that you can organize all the knick-knacks easily.

  • Durable with a style quotient.
  • Affordable Price
  • It has a bright range of popping colors to chose from.
  • Suitable for any occasion.
  • Paddings are not sturdy enough to support the laptop.
  • It is not waterproof, but water-resistant backpacks and would require rain cover.

9. Amazon Basics 21 Liters Best School Bag in India

Best School Bags in India

There is no worry about getting yourself the misfit choice! The design will uplift your style quotient exquisitely. The colors are bright and fun, giving that extra edge to your look.

The adjustable straps allow you to alter the height whenever required. Besides these features, they have come up with stash pockets by which you can easily access the small Knitty Gritty that you would need on a journey!

The backpacks are light and durable, which is an added advantage. The lightness of the material in use is flexible to be used in the monsoons as they are resistant to water.

  • It comes with a range of vibrant colors and designs.
  • Ideal for business trips and school and college-goers.
  • It is durable and firm.
  • It comes with three full compartments
  • Little small in size.

10. Adisa 31 ltrs Best School Bag for Boys and Girls in India

Adisa Best school Bag for boys and girls

With distinct and unique motifs, it gives you that distinctive edge and a break from the regular bags. The backpacks add to the style quotient of your everyday look.

To speak of the critical characteristics, they come with adjustable straps and grand and handle. Along with these, it also features anti-sweat padding so that you are relieved of the sweaty discomfort on your dress due to a long time travelling.

They are highly durable, and the materials ensure that it serves you the utmost for the price you pay.

  • It is super affordable.
  • You have ample choices from which you can choose the perfect one
  • The anti-sweat feature is a bonus advantage in this backpack.
  • Made up of Polyester (Well known fabric)

  • It is not entirely waterproof; hence, it would be ideal to choose with rain cover features.
  • Not the ideal backpack for a professional or formal event.


11. Chris and Kate 42 Liters Best School or College Bag in India 2021

Best School Bag Brands in India

The material it is made of is extremely soft and waterproof thereby preventing your products inside the bag from getting spoiled. The bag is available in multiple colour tones, which are the gentle mixes of dark and light colors.

The V-shaped designs of some of their bags render great grip; thereby preventing from the load getting over the shoulders.

  • High Quality Zippers & accessories
  • Well stitched finished seams for added durability and extend its life.
  • It comes with padded shoulder straps for added
  • Fully Flexibile
  • No separate compartment for key chain, Mobile or pen.
  • Not wear resistant


12. Aristocrat 25 Litrs Stylish Bag for school

Stylish Bags for school

The bright colors, wonderful design, and elegance is what makes these bag as the ideal picks for students while selecting their school bags. Moreover, you have a great range of selection to pick from.

  • Comes with 2 compartments
  • Laptop compatibility
  • Strong and durable
  • No rain cover.

13. Air Case 15 Inches Best School Bag for Girls

Best School Bag for girls

The foremost criteria that one looks into when purchasing school bags relates to comfort and capacity to carry the load!  The bag has peculiar design, which is contemporary in its outlook. They are mostly available in black and brown variants, rendering a professional look! Though simplistic yet they are a pleasure to the eye and extremely comfortable to don.

  • Two Large Compartments.
  • Two Front Easy Access Zip Pockets.
  • Anti Theft Organiser Zip Pocket in Front Compartment.
  • Padded and Ventilated Shoulder Straps.
  • Water Bottle Pocket on Both Sides
  • Small in length.

14. Quechua  Best School Brand bag in India

Best School Bag Brand in India

Quechua is an exceptional brand by Decathlon that presents the modern-day designs of travel bag(s), school bag (s), and backpacks. Apart from the bags, they are also into apparels, shoes, and tents designed uniquely with a contemporary blend. Being in the industry for more than 4 decades, their products are outlined with exceptional quality, great make, and ethnic designs, which make them the top choices amongst the travellerss well as the school kids.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fold-able bag
  • It also comes with rain cover
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Less Customer reviews

15. Thedzire Blue Color 32 Lt Beautiful School  Backpack

Beautiful School Bag

A perfect blend of amazing color range and sayings printed over them makes The bags is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, which are huge and have capacities of carrying immense amounts of loads. Based on your choice, you get to pick a variety offered in the  catalogue.

  • Light weight backpack with spacious compartments
  • Soft shell
  • Zipper closure
  • It also comes with two zippered pockets as well
  • No water resistant.

FAQ’s (Related to School Bags)

1. What is the durability of backpacks?

The backpacks are made of materials that generally last long. However, it entirely depends on the choice of brand you make. Water-resistant, dustproof, and a good quality backpack will serve you long. The famous brands have high durability due to the improved material which is involved in its making.

2. Is a backpack rain cover mandatory?

Rain can damage your belongings if your backpack is not waterproof. Even if it is semi-waterproof, you would require a rain cover. Only if the bag is a hundred percent waterproof with sealed zippers, then you can travel without worrying about a rain cover.

3. Why should I consider a backpack rather than other kinds?

Well, backpacks are generally the most comfortable bags that you can put to use. Besides, their versatile usage ensures that you invest only once and get a lot of privileges! It is convenient to carry around, and the padded straps ensure that you are carrying your belongings effortlessly.

4. How can I distinguish a real backpack brand from a fake one?

Remember, however much they try to copy original brands, there is always a trace of it being fake. The labels, stitches, material in use are entirely different from the original ones. Besides, you’ll see a marked difference in the price. A unique branded backpack will cost you more!

5. Are the backpacks washable?

Yes, the backpacks are indeed washable. The materials with which the backpacks are made can be washed as per the instructions provided with the bag. Light detergents can be used for the purpose. The waterproof bags are easier to clean. You can either wash them with hand machine wash them gentle.


Now time to end, After all the information we provided in the buyer’s guide, we trust that this list should be sufficient to enable you to make an informed decision in choosing the ideal School bag for you.

However, If you have any queries regarding school bag selection (e.g. material, brand, features), post them in the comments section below and we will try to answer them. Thank you.



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