Top 10 Brand New Best Weighing Machines in India  – (Expert Reviews)

Top 10 Brand New Best Weighing Machines in India – (Expert Reviews)

Are you looking for Best Weighing Machines in India ? If yes then you are at the right place.

In this article we will discuss everything about Weighing machines from a to z, we are sure after reading this article you will gain so much valuable knowledge and you will able to buy a Best Weighing Machine for yourself.

We have also made a list of Top 10 Best Weighing machines in India with pros and con’s section. We are sure you will love the list.

So without wasting any time let’s start.  Weight machine is necessary for everyone like any another home appliance. You can calculate your weight and so much other things easily on Weighing Machine.

Firstly people use to visit the railway station, hotels and restaurants and get the measurement of their weight .

But now the time has changed everyone wants a weighting machine in their homes because with weighing machine you not only calculate your weight you can track your BMI(Body Mass Index) and so much other things.

So Buying a Weight machine is wise decision rather than visiting railway stations or restaurants.

But buying a good or perfect Weighing machine is not an easy task? There are hell lot of brands for Weighing machines in India, But Don’t worry we will help you.

After lot of researching we have made a list of Top 10 Best Weighing Machines in India,  Give them a look and buy which suits you the most.

Top Pick's (Best Weighing Machines in India 2021)

MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale upto 130 kgs capacity Weight Machine

MCP Deluxe Best weighing Machines in India

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale | Digital Fitness Weight Machine

Heath Sense Bs 171 Best smart Bluetooth Weighing Machine in India

Dr Trust Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Best Weighing Machines in India

Top 10 Best Weighing Machines in India 2021


Best Weighing Machine Brands in India

Best Weighing Machines in India 2021Customer Ratings
MCP Deluxe Personal Best Weighing Scale In India With 130 Kgs Capacity4.5 out of 5
HealthSense Bs 171 Best Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Machine4.4 out of 5
Omron HBF-224 Best Weighing Machine Brand In India With Guest Mode Feature4.1 out of 5
Actofit Best Weighing Machine With Body Fat Measurement (White Color)4.4 out of 5
Active X Savvy Smart Digital Best Weighing Machine For Shop4.6 out of 5
Dr Trust Platinum Best Weighing Machine In India 20214 out of 5
Healthgenie Digital Best Weighing Scale In India 2021 With USB Charging4.1 out of 5
Piesome Best Weighing Machine Brand In India With Thick Tempered Glass3.9 out of 5
MCP Achiever BLGR01 Best Weighing Machine For Shop In India3.8 out of 5
Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Best Weighing Machine In India 20214.2 out of 5

 1. MCP Deluxe Personal Best Weighing Scale in India  With  130 kgs capacity

MCP Deluxe Best weighing Machines in India

This product enables you to check your weight . The  colour is gentle on the eyes, and will be unobtrusive in your bathroom if placed there. The  Deluxe is a simple, easy to use machine which can uphold a weight capacity up to 130kgs. You get the readings in two different units .The Analog weighing machine is designed well .

Slip-resistant platform-

The rust-proof platform is a great benefit  of this weighing scale. This feature encourages placing of this scale even in the bathroom.

Maximum capacity-

The maximum load that the machine can carry is 130 kg and the scale is  marked into demarcations of 1 kilogram each.

Large display

The extra-large display  show you the weight properly, so you will never have to spend more than a moment looking  into the scale .

Attractive Design-

The  color of the weighing scale  is gentle on the eyes. It is an attractive  object in your home which will be appreciated by everyone.

  • Waterproof
  • Attractive design
  • Accurate reading
  • Strong  body
  • Amazon’s Best Selling Weighing Machine
  • Within 10 days returnable

 2. HealthSense Bs 171 Best Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Machine

Heath Sense Bs 171 Best smart Bluetooth Weighing Machine in India

It is one of the finest smart weighing machines helps to maintain your fitness goals. The machine body allows up to 24 users data storage . Bluetooth connectivity and app sync are quick to respond. The  high sensitive  sensors  help  your machine get connected within a few seconds. This weighing machine is the best than other ones.



The technology is one of the best feature of this scale. It’s technology is very accurate and provide you the best and accurate results.

Smart app sync feature-

It has  a feature which enables  you to  connect this weighing machine or scale   with all mobiles and devices. It is featured and developed with easy to handle applications that make you enable to set, monitor and track your workout plan, diet plan and you can also get meal notifications from this device.

Accurate  readings-

It provides  proper results. It show you the accurate progress report to achieve your health goals.

  • Strong body
  • 1-year warranty
  • Batteries included
  • Amazon’s Choice Weighing Machine
  • No cons to show

 3. Omron HBF-224 Best Weighing Machines Brand in India with Guest mode Feature

Omron HBF-224 Best weighing Machine Brands in India

This  Digital Body weighing machine    provides you a wide range of options. The body is well constructed and it comes with a 1 year warranty. It can measure different body weight up to 80 years . It is the best  option for you than others.


The weighing scale is made up of a tough body that is supported by tough tempered glass. The surface is “non-slip” making it safe for use. The body is very slim and compact and can be easily placed under the sofa or bed.

The body has a great textured surface that gives it a very modern look.


The weight scale has 4-sensors with each sensor located each end to detect weight accurately. The display gives you a precision to the nearest 100 grams. The scale also comes with Auto On and Auto Off features.

Once, you step off, it shuts off automatically after 16 seconds. The battery is covered with a plastic strap that needs to be taken off before using the product. This is to ensure that once you buy the product, you get a battery life of 1 year.


The scale gives you a weighing range of up to 180 kilograms. The result can be read in kg.


The display is via a large LCD with black font against a grey background making it easy to read even when you are standing up right.


It works on lithium battery that lasts for so much time.


It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Bright display
  • Attractive looks
  • Lightweight body
  • Robust configured
  • 4 batteries required in terms of replacement
  • After-sales services are not so good.

 4. Actofit Best Weighing Machine with  Body Fat Measurement (White color)

Actofit Best Weighing Machine with Body Fat measurement

It is one of the best choice for you. It helps you to get a proper  suggestion based on your progress ,this  machine has Good looks, accurate readings,  and  many more  different features . However, a minimum of a 1 year warranty would  made this machine  “perfect”.


The weighing scale has a tough body . Its  texture gives it a perfect look.  Body is with mirror edges that blends   with your home interior perfectly.


The weight scale has special G sensors as well as 4 precision sensors. It also uses “Step On” technology which lets you use the weight scale immediately. You don’t have to calibrate it.

Simply tap the machine with your foot and it gets auto-calibrated. Just step on it and check your weight in seconds.


The  range of this weighing  scale is between 5 kilograms to 180 is  making it perfect for use at home . You can set the weighing units also.


The weight scale has a digital LCD display with bright back light and dark font  to read the  output easily. The LCD is 1.2 inches in length. It’s display also gives low battery and error alerts.


It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Properly designed
  • Accurate results
  • Quick Bluetooth
  • With Included Batteries
  • Not returnable

 5. Active X Savvy Smart Digital Best Weighing Machine for Shop

Best Weighing Machine for Shop

It’s Composition Body Fat Scale looks pleasant to the eyes. It  provide accurate readings. You can use  this machine to different fitness apps and share/store your data.  It is a great choice for  health concerned people .


The scale has a strong  body that makes it strong . The body is square like .


The scale relies on 4 precision sensors that weigh accurately every time. The device also has auto on / auto off feature. It starts instantly when the person steps on it.


A user can weigh a maximum of 180 kilograms with an accuracy of 100 grams. The display unit can be set to kilograms or pounds or stone.


The weight scale has a large digital LCD display . The display also gives error and low battery alerts.


The product has 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Supercool design
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3 batteries present
  • 4.5 Rating out of 5.

  • Not returnable

 6. Dr Trust Platinum Best Weighing Machines in India 2021

Best Weighing Machines in India

In all, if you were looking to buy a accurate weighing scale, this scale would be a worthy item to consider in the price range. This  Weighing scale has  good weight holding capacity. .  It is an ideal choice for the homeowners who are looking to buy a perfectly designed weighing scale for them.

Aimed Fitness Goals-

If  you are a health conscious person than Take the first step to good health with  personal scale. Track your everyday weight loss and stay motivated to carry on with your everyday workout. This device provides accurate weight measurement .

Rechargeable 500 Mah Battery-

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery, which has a longer life  than others. A small size, durable and portable USB cable also included for easy recharging.

Room Temperature Display-

This device is very helpful If you want to know the room temperature,  . It comes with a built-in temperature sensor which records the room temperature and shows it on easy-to-read LCD display.

Unmatched Accuracy-

The  product comes with sensors,  You just need to stand on the weighing machine, and it will show your accurate weight

  • Accurate  performance
  • Lightweight
  • Great  value
  • Worth of its price.
  • None so far

 7. Healthgenie Digital Best weighing Scale in India 2021 with USB Charging

Best Weighing Machine in India with USB charging

This weighing machine is an ideal scale for body weight. It consists of  motivating and attractive display.  It is made with tempered glass. It is USB compatible and can be charged conveniently. This weighing machine comes with 12 months off-site warranty.

Load Capacity-

The weighing scale can provide accurate weight details upto 180 kilograms.


The least count of weighing machine is 100g which makes it highly accurate.

Room Temperature-

It is designed with a temperature sensor which records the room temperature and shows it on easy-to-read LCD display.

Low Battery & Overload Indicator-

The device has an indication on the display panel when it is running low on battery. It also provides an overload indication in case the weighing plate is overloaded.

Large LCD display-

It comes with LCD Display . Along with weight, it also displays Room Temperature and Battery usage .

  • Comes with sensors.

    Large display.

    Rechargeable battery

    High quality  glass

  • 1 year warranty is not enough for this weight machine

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 8. Piesome Best Weighing Machine Brand in India with  Thick Tempered Glass

Best Weighing Machine Brand in India 2021

It is a digital weighing machine. . This is made of hard glass. It is transparent with a colored stripe. This weighing machine comes with powerful sensor . There is an automatic on/off feature which is very convenient and is battery saving.

Accurate Measurements-

Four high precision weight sensors provide accurate measurements down to a 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) graduation.

Easy to Read-

Bright LCD automatically comes with  each measurement and large numbers make your results are easy to read even in dark place.

Easy to Use-

You can check Immediate readings. Saving your power of battery, Auto-on, auto-off, auto-zero, . Lock weight results after stabilization.

Tempered Glass-

It is designed with a thick clear tempered glass platform which can make sure your safety when using, and give you a comfortable weight tracking.

  • Battery indicator
  • LCD display
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Designed with toughened glass
  • Maximum capacity
  • Powerful sensors
  • No  warranty. Less Ratings 

 9. MCP Achiever BLGR01 Best Weighing Machine for Shop in India

Best Weighing Machine for shop in India

This weighing machine is built with strong tempered glass . It comes with auto on/off feature and with the auto-calibrated platform. It has high precise gauge sensors for delivering accurate results. It  has rounded corners without sharp edges.

Large Durable Platform-

This weighing scale is highly accurate with size larger than other weighing machines. It provides a good surface of use which is suitable for your feet.

Blue LED Display backlight-

The machine has LCD blue light  crystal display for easy visibility.

Room temperature Display-

The Display screen along with the weight also shows the current room temperature in degree Celsius.

Runs on Batteries-

This weighing machine runs on 2 AAA batteries. The display screen has a battery indicator as well to let you know of the battery level.

Weight Sensors-

The machine has 4 High-precision gauge sensors for accurate delivering results .

  • High-quality  batteries
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Strong  glass
  • Valuable sensors
  • Battery and temperature indicators
  • It has less accurate results
  • No disclosure of warranty

10. Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Best Weighing Machine in India 2021

Best Weighing Machines in India 2021

It   is a Best digital weighing machine  designed with 4 sensors that ensures accuracy. The device also has tempered glass that enhances the safety of the device. This is one of the best Weight Machine Online. It comes with on off sensor feature.

High-precision sensors-

This weighing scale has high precision sensors. Therefore, it delivers very accurate reading of the weight placed on it.

Strong bearing tempered glass-

It is made of strong bearing tempered glass. This kind of glass is extremely durable. Therefore, it can be used and stored .

Digital display panel-

The display panel lights up with a digital screen that clearly displays the weight along with the temperature. The view is clear and prominent making it easier for you to take reading


The weighing scale can provide accurate weight details in the range of 2.3 kilograms to 180 kilograms.

Auto power-off-

When not in use the device automatically shuts off after some time. So you need not worry about battery drainage even if you forget to switch it off.

  • Strain Gauge Sensor System
  • 280 X 280 Mm Display
  • 2.3 -180 Kg Capacity
  • Best Selling Weighing Machine
  • Low Accuracy.
  • Not skid proof

So how was the list? If good then don’t forget  to comment and if you know more Best weighing machine other than these comment me i will also add that one.

What should a Best weighing machine need??

Easy to use

It is effortless to use. The  screen gives you the advantage of reading the results in the dark. Most of the scales have automatic on/off feature, which saves energy. It uses AAA batteries that are easily available in the market. The device has a special  design so you can put it anywhere in your house. You can clean it with a soft and clean piece of cloth.


Smart scales have inbuilt memory, so you don’t have to keep a written record about your fitness. If you are going through some heart disease or any other situation that requires checking regular weight keeping a record of it, this is the perfect device for you; because you can have all the information stored in the smart weighing scale.


You can keep track of your body metrics along with your family. You can keep profiles of other people, so you have the option to keep a record of all of the people you love. Some of the smart weighing scales have an unlimited profile system so you can have all the fitness information about your family and yourself.


Smart weighing scales are lightweight. It gives the benefit of taking it to the gym or wherever you workout. You can carry it around the house with ease.This is a beneficial feature, especially for a pregnant woman or aged people who can not carry heavy things. All can take it up to their room if they have fitness motivations and want to be fit. They can know about compositions in their bodies. It will encourage them to learn more things and be healthy.


With the help of technology, it gives you the most important and accurate results. Smart scales have Help to take full and right measures of your weight and compositions of your body. It helps to get the results more accurately.

If you work out, you need to check your body compositions daily. Getting accurate results will help you to maintain them.

We have also added a Comprehensive buying guide for you which will help you in choosing a Best Weighing Machine for yourself. If you are buying a Weight Machine for First time  then must Read our Buying Guide, it will help you a lot. Are you ready to see buying guide? If yes, Then let’s go.

Buying Guide


Things to Look For Before Choosing a Weighing Scale

Weight Capacity

Weighing scales and machines come with different weight capacity. It Differs from one to another scale. We suggest you for using the one with maximum capacity to eradicate any future hassles


It is one of the most important feature of a weighing machine. It prevents the user to slip and fall from the machine. It’s always better to not know your mass than lying in the bathroom with jaws broken.


A machine or scale must be affordable and according to the budget of you. A person must choice a scale which is in best price range with accurate results and long validity.


The display must be enough visible for everyone.  The digits must be displayed in proper digits and it must be build up with proper and rebourst glass.


1. How do I know if my weighing scale is accurate or not ?

You can simply put any grocery product on the weighing machine to check it. If the weight machine shows 5kg, it means the reading is perfect.

In some cases, the reading can correct  upto 300 grams as claimed by the manufacturer. Then, you can set the machine to zero calibration to see if things work out well.

2. Is it ok to weigh yourself daily?

It is recommended for people to weight just once in a week . Weighing yourself every day can have a negative impact on you.

3. How do you know if the scale is broken?

First of all make sure that the weighing machine is placed on a solid surface. Now lets say that you have doubt regarding the scale. Firstly, you can reset the machine to zero calibration and then again check the weight.

Alternatively, you can also check the weight of any of the household item to check the reading accuracy. If things go well, then the machine is fine. If not so, then there is a possibility that the scale is broken.

4. What is the best way to weigh yourself?

The best way to weight yourself is by being barefoot and standing still on the weighing machine. Wearing socks and dirty feet will affect measurement accuracy.

5. Which one is more accurate for checking the body weight – Analog or Digital?

Both are equally accurate. It is just that digital machines have captured the complete market today. However, digital machines do have an extra advantage of showing accurate readings to decimal points and they also feature smart functions.

So  if you want to monitor  your weight gain and loss , A weighing machine is  much useful for you. A weighing machine not only track your weight but also keep monitoring your family health also . Weighing scale is your best companion .

Few Words

I hope you like the article, If you have still any doubts left then ask me in the comment section i will surely reply to all your queries. So good Bye talk to you later !  Meet you with next supercool article.


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