Top 8 Best Punching Bags in India 2021 (Expert Reviews)

Top 8 Best Punching Bags in India 2021 (Expert Reviews)

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After Doing Lot Of Research We Have Made This  List Of Top 8 Best Punching Bags  In India . We Have Listed Amazon’s Best Selling Punching Bags In This List,

We Are Sure You Will Love The List And At The End You Will Be Able To Buy  A Best Punching bag   For Yourself.

Top 8 Best Punching Bags in India 2021

1.  Best Aurion  Leather Punching Bag  with Free Chain

Aurion is an Indian company that is known for manufacturing and selling sports goods of all types. The brand was established in 2007, and since then, they have been providing quality products for Indian consumers and also exporting many items to various countries based on the demand.

Aurion is considered to be one of the best punching brand in India. The most popular products that Aurion manufactures are cricket, hockey, football, boxing, fitness, and skating equipment.

Looking at their online presence, they are the leaders when it comes to boxing and fitness equipment in India. Aurion products will always be on the top of the best selling lists on Amazon India when you search for punching bags.

In that, the synthetic leather bag is the most widely bought due to the versatility it presents.

Features :

  • The outer casing of the Aurion punching bag is made of synthetic leather to ensure maximum durability.
  • The size of the Aurion punching bag is 48 inches in length. It’s a universal size for heavy bags and is the most widely used size in training by professionals
  • The width of the Punching  bag is 18 inches, which means it is quite fat in nature and suited more for seasoned boxers. However, even beginners can use it for practice if need be.
  • Aurion is providing hanging chains inside the box. The chains provided are obviously made from very strong materials like steel to withstand all the pulls.



2. IWIN Punchcombokit Synthetic Leather Unfilled Punching Bag with Hand Wrap

IWIN provides you with different range of sports products, including karate pad, hand glove, cricket leg pads, cone marker set, punching bags, and more. All the products provided are made from good quality material.

IWIN punching bag is made from high-quality synthetic leather material, and the size is 48 inch. The punching bag must be filled with hard cotton and sand.


  • The product includes chain and hand wrap
  • Size of the unfilled punching bag is 48inch
  • Synthetic leather material is used in making the punching bag
  • The chain comes with hooks for easy hanging
  • The material used is of high quality
  • As the bag is unfilled, it must be filled with hard cotton and sand



3.  Best Byson 36 Inches Heavy Punching Bag in India

Bryson provides products like punching bags, gloves, ankle support wrap, wrist support. They provide good quality material. Byson is leading manufacturer in sports-related products. They export fitness items and boxing goods.

The punching bag is made from high-quality materials and looks like export quality material. The complete punching bag kit helps the beginners to practice safely.

Features :

  • The heavy punching bag kit includes punching gloves, mouth guard, chain, skipping rope, hand wrap gloves, hand grip
  • The bag is made from high-quality genuine strong Surf material.
  • Also, it comes with double stitching.
  • It looks like export quality material.
  • Moreover, the punching bag is ideal for players.



4. Prospo Strong and Rough Punching Bag (36 inch)

Propso Punching bag is super strong and heavy. It is made with coated fabric that is sturdy and tear-proof.

This boxing kit contains an unfilled boxing bag, a pair of boxing gloves, and a heavy bag chain.

The boxing bag weighs 1.49kgs and measures 32x20x14cm.

Features :

  • It comes with synthetic leather gloves for regular and heavy sparring.
  • The bag holds still with the help of the heavy chains.
  • It can be easily stored away when not in use.
  • This punching bag can be easily mounted in your home or at the gym.
  • It is good for amateurs and beginners to stay fit at home.
  • The boxing gloves are of superior quality that protects the knuckles and wrists.
  • You can add an extra chain to adjust it to the height of teenagers who want to practice boxing.



5. RMOUR Unfilled Heavy PU Punch Bag Boxing MMA

Rmour Punching Bag is made of premium material and is designed to protect the human body.

It is easy to use and install.One kit contains an unfilled punching bag and a hanging chain.

It can be used to practice boxing, karate, martial arts, kickboxing, taekwondo, and Muay Thai

Features : 

  • The high-quality PU material is durable and lightweight.
  • It can be used outdoors and indoors.
  • The bag has a soft texture that does not hurt the body.
  • It measures 6 feet and is suitable for shorter people.
  • It is good for beginners who wish to practice at home.
  • Since it is quite long, you can use it for multiple fitness programs.



 6. Best SportSoul Kid’s Boxing Set (Punching Bag, Gloves & Headgear)

Compared to most other brands on the list, Sportsoul has to be one of the smallest in size. The popularity of this brand is also not that high compared to giants like Everlast, Ringside or Century.

They are a small company based in Delhi, that manufacture not only martial arts equipment but a whole range of sports equipment and apparel for a variety of sports. They have their presence on almost all online channels present in India, making them easily available.

The particular product being reviewed here is from their kid’s range. This punching bag for kids is one of the highest selling products in its category on Amazon and has rave reviews.

The added advantage is that it is a complete set, rather than a single punching bag. There is no need to make separate purchases of gloves and safety equipment as it is already provided along with the punching bag.

Features : 

  • The box consists of 1 punching bag, 1 pair of boxing gloves and 1 helmet.
  •  It has  17 inches  length and is filled with soft foam as any filling harder than that will be too hard to handle for kids
  • The punching bag is primarily made up  of PVC on the outer side.
  • The gloves weigh 6 ounces each and will provide adequate protection to the soft hands of a child when boxing
  • The boxing gloves and helmet are made of nylon to give it a sturdy and untearable feel
  • The hanging mechanism only consists of a D-ring as the bag is not that heavy or large



7.  Monika Sports PB 36 Synthetic Punching Bag, 4.5ft (Black)

Monika Sports provide a wide variety of punching bags filled and unfilled. They use high-quality material, and the bags are tested for endurance.

The punching bag is suitable for fitness training and boxing. It is made from high-quality PU material. The synthetic punching bag is tested, and its size is 4.5 feet.

Features :

  • The un-filled punching bag is tested for strength and endurance
  • Size of the punching bag is 4.5 feet
  • It ideally suits for boxing



8. CSI Punching Bag UNFILLED (RED/Black) with Hanging Chain

When it comes to small manufacturers, it doesn’t get any smaller than CSI. They are an Indian manufacturer who has a meager online presence and mostly sell through offline channels.

However, this doesn’t make their products any less capable in terms of quality. The particular product that we are reviewing here is one of the most common punching bags that you will find in India due to the large availability in offline channels.

The punching bag is unique on this list due to the fact that it is made from SRF material rather than traditional materials like leather, vinyl or nylon.

This process helps in keeping costs to the minimum but also ensures there is just a little drop in durability and quality.

SRF is a synthetic coated polymer. The polyester or nylon is mixed with high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to obtain the required quality, texture, and strength.

The unique adhesive used to bind them together ensures no compromise in physical parameters.  Here is the essential information about the unfilled heavy bag from the house of CSI

Features :

  • The product is available in various colors to please the varied tastes of the customers
  • The punching bag is completely made in India and made individually from hand to ensure the quality of each individual product
  • Another different aspect of the bag is the hanging style. It has 2 straps with chains inside, instead of 4 separate chains
  • The product is hand-made unlike other bags which are mass-produced, this marginally increases the quality



We hope, you liked the list of Best Punching Bags in India 2021. Wait Wait we have one more special thing for you, we That is   Buying guide of Punching Bags  for you which will help you in choosing Best Punching bag for yourself.  

So are you ready ? If yes then Let’s go.

Buyers Guide for Punching Bags

  • Check Material :

As we already know, punching bags are made from a long list of materials. However, the main materials to look at before buying one are the material used for the casing and the filling used.

Leather bags are fancier and costlier more while canvas and vinyl are less expensive but also lower in quality.

The filling is important because of the impact it has on your hands when punching. A hard-punching bag made from fiber will be very stiff and has more impact on your bones and muscles. A soft fill, like ones filled with air, has less impact and a water-filled bag will be the closest in nature to a human body.

  • Suspension Method :

Suspension method is also one of the main things to consider before buying a punching bag. A potential buyer should look at the amount of space he has before choosing the type of suspension.

A heavy hanging bag is the most space efficient while an uppercut bag will occupy more space.

If the bag needs to be as portable as possible, then a freestanding bag should be bought.

  • Storage Capacity : 

Punching bag storage is an important feature that must not be overlooked. As we know that your punching bags can be hanged or mounted on to the stand.

If the bag you buy requires a stand, then you must keep the bag in such a place that has enough space to place the stand along with the bag.

Also, when the stand is kept with a punching bag, it requires free space around it for easy practice.

  • Filled or Unfilled :

Talking about the filling and its impact, nowadays, more and more manufacturers are giving you the option of deciding the filling by just giving a punching bag with a casing and zippers.

You can make the bag hard-filled, soft-filled or water-filled based on your choice.

Un-filled bags are also cheaper compared to filled bags due to a low cost of production.

  • Safety consideration :

Punching bags come in different sizes and shapes. Everyone has a preference for the size of the punching bag based on their own height, weight, strength, and level of training.

It is not a good idea to get the biggest bag possible and work out; it is not a good idea.

There is a very serious chance that aspiring athletes may hurt them self by trying to take on a punching bag which is way beyond their capacity.

So, always, safety should be the first priority

  • Go with Brands :

While you are looking for a punching bag for a practice session,

then it is better to choose the bags that are branded instead of a local one. Branded bags use high-quality materials in their design. High-quality materials last long.

  • Never Compromise with Quality : 

quality is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind before buying a punching bag.

As a general rule, products whose cost is on the higher side and are from very big companies tend to have the best quality.

Firmness is one of the main measures of quality for a punching bag. It has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your workout.

Type Of Punching Bags 

  • Uppercut Punching Bags- These types of bags are used for training since they are light in weight. Although they are not heavier, they are essential to building up the stamina. 

  • Heavy Duty or Jumbo Punching Bags–  due to the heavy weight, this bag tones themselves and strengthens your joints. It is mostly used for strenuous workouts and for those who can do powerful hits for better performance. 

  • Speed Ball Punching Bags-  this punching bag type is used for the hand eye coordination and is essential for improving your reflexes. It bounces back when it is punched, testing how you react upon its arrival. 

Why You Need a Punching Bag? 

  • most people nowadays are working jobs that cause high stress or life, in general, has become more stressful. Punching a bag can provide a way to control all the stress and control.
  • Punching Bag Improves Balance Coordination and Concentration.
  • punching bag is a one-time investment for years. A decent bag can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance,
  • May the reason be competition, take advantage of it, and work on improving your health. 


1. Do punching bag build muscles?

Yes, Of course punching is the whole body workout, and when you hit or punch a bag,

your muscles build in back, shoulders, arms, and even legs. The force required to hit repeatedly helps to build the muscles.

2. Which punching bag is best either freestanding or hanging?

Both the type of punching bags have their own benefits. Hanging bags are hanged from the ceiling,

freestanding are mounted on the base of stand or to top of the stand.

3. What is the ideal weight of bag for beginners?

beginners can go with lighter bags instead of heavier bags. Lighter bags are softer but the sway more than heavy bags.

Somewhere around 40 pounds is the ideal punching bag weight.

Few Words 

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