Top 5 Best Laptop Backpacks in India (Detailed Guide)

Top 5 Best Laptop Backpacks in India (Detailed Guide)

Today due to advancement in technology our economy is becoming digital, Most of the people are doing online business and they are highly dependent upon the laptop to do their office tasks. The demand of laptops is so much increasing , So it is compulsory to have a separate bag for your laptop.

Choosing a best Laptop Bag is not an easy task because there are hell lot of brands available in the market. But don’t worry when we are with you, We will tell you everything about laptop Bags in this article.

First let me clear what we will gonna learn in this article What is a Laptop Bag , Type of Laptop Bags, List of Top 5 Best Laptop Backpacks in India, Benefits of Laptop Bags and  at the end Buyers Guide. So are you ready  ? If yes then Lets Go.

What is a Best Laptop Bag ?

Laptop bag is a best companion for your laptop, it protects your Laptop  from getting stolen. You can store your laptop and all your accessories(headphones, pen drive and  laptop charger) in it very comfortably . You can also use it as a  School Bag or College Bag. It is also called Multipurpose Bag.

Types of Laptop Bags 

Today in market laptop bags come in various types as follow:

1. Laptop totes

Best Laptop Tote

Laptop tote bags are specially designed for women. They  are ideal for small size laptop only you can’t put large size laptop. These bags are perfect choice for  Office ladies. These bags gives you a professional look and add value to your personality. 

2. Laptop Backpacks 

Laptop Backpacks

If you are a school student or bachelor Laptop backpack is best for you, you can carry your laptop along with your books in it easily.

It has padded adjustable straps which helps you to carry a lot of stuff in your bag for long period of time without getting tired. Must buy this if you are a school student or bachelor.

3. Laptop Portfolio Bag 

Laptop Portfolio bag

It is also known as Laptop Sleeve Bag.  You can use this when your laptop is not in use for longer period of time. Always  Hold this bag in horizontal or Vertical position. 

The disadvantage of this bag is it doesn’t give you complete protection to your laptop because it is only a sleeve not a laptop bag. 

4. Laptop Sling Bags

Laptop sling bags

Laptop sling bag is a best choice for storing your laptop and it’s accessories. It is ideal or both small size and large size laptops. There are different types of Laptop sling bags available in the market for both men and women.

These bags can allow you to keep an eye on your laptop. The position of a sling bag can be adjusted as per your convenience.

5. Laptop Briefcases

Best Laptop Briefcases

If you are a Businessman Laptop briefcase is for you, you can store all your important documents and laptop in this briefcase. It gives you a Businessman look and improves your personality. These  are available in different varieties like wheeled, non-wheeled, slim, streamlined, colors, styles, etc. Choose according to your preference.

Top 5 Best Laptop Backpacks in India 2021


Safari 45 Ltrs Black Large/Travel/Office Laptop Backpack (Seek 45L 21 OB BLK)

  • Laptop Compatibility: Yes, Laptop Size: 17 inches
  • Outer Material: Polyester, Color: Black
  •  Dimensions: 53 cms x 32 cms x 27 cms 
  • Number of compartments: 1
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 18 months
  • Number of compartments: 2
  • Laptop compatibility: yes, laptop size: 16strap type: adjustable
  • Anti theft waterproof bag with anti sweat fabric on back and shoulder straps
  • USB and headphone cable slot
  • Outer Material: Polyester, Color: Navy
  • Capacity: 19.53 liters; Dimensions: 31 cms x 14 cms x 45 cms
  • Number of compartments: 2
  • Laptop Compatibility: Yes, Laptop Size: 14 inches
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 2 year
  • Water resistant
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Fashionable
  • This classic laptop bag has a water holding space on the side of this bag
  • The classic laptop backpack has a spacious main compartment.
  • This Police 15.6 inch backpack for men is made up of durable and Premium Quality. 
  • Great pick for casual as well as formal use.
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty
  • Perfect for business, travelling, meeting, shopping and daily use.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry with adjustable padded straps.

Benefits of Laptop Bag

1.  Safe  

Laptop bag protects your laptop from getting scratches, theft and also from heavy rain. It provides 100% protection to your laptop. So always buy a Best quality  bag for your laptop. It keeps your bag safe and secure. Always buy   antitheft backpacks(Strong and Lightweight) to protect your laptop.

2. Makes you more Comfortable 

Let me give you an example to clear this point. Suppose you  go office daily with your laptop and you don’t have a laptop bag, you will carry laptop in your hands or in a polythene, this will not properly protect your laptop and you will not be fully comfortable.

But if you have a laptop bag you can easily put your laptop and other important stuff in it very easily and you will be more comfortable. 

3. You can store so much stuff 

Today you also know laptop bag comes with many compartments or multi compartments.  Now along with laptop you can also store your books, important doc’s and laptop accessories very easily.

In all laptop backpacks, you can find the separate side section given to place your water bottle. Thus, you don’t have to worry about water leakage.

4. Use as a school Bag or College bag

You can also use  laptop bag  as a school bag or college bag because it has large storage capacity. It eliminates the need to  buy a separate school bag or college bag.

Buyer’s Guide 

Purchasing a laptop is Huge investment ! So it is very important to buy a best bag that protects your laptop. It will not good if you buy a laptop bag in which your laptop did not fit properly.

There are so much factors to look for before buying a best laptop bag as follow :

1.  Size 

The first and important factor is size. Before buying a laptop bag first make sure you are  aware about your laptop size because it will be not good if you have purchased wrong sized laptop bag. 

You will have to spend a few minutes every day to twist  your bag to insert the laptop. So first check your laptop size then buy it.  

2. Buy Waterproof Laptop Bag 

There are hell lot of brands available in the market for laptop bags and all brands did not provide you waterproof  feature.

So always check that the bag is waterproof or not otherwise  ask the seller,  if the bag is waterproof it will protect your laptop from heavy rain and bad weather conditions.

3. Storage 

Buy a laptop bag that offers good storage capacity. Look for the laptop bag that has proper compartments and a good number of pockets.  More storage will allow you to put more stuff in your laptop bag.

4. Shoulder Straps 

Must see the quality of shoulder straps as your shoulder is going to take the weight of the bag. The strap should be 

  • Strong and Durable
  • Able to support the weight of bag when you put your stuff in it.
  • Flexible

5. Weight 

Must check the weight of laptop bag before buying,  buy the bag which is not too heavy in terms of weight because it will be difficult to carry on your shoulder.

6.  Zippers 

Laptop bag must have good zippers,  The zipper should not be too smooth or too hard to open. Avoid Nylon plastic  zippers they are not  good in quality.

7. Material 

Today  mostly branded bags are available in the nylon material.

You need to know that all nylon materials are not in good quality,  Any nylon that is less than 500 Denier may not provide proper durability.


1.  Which brand is good for a laptop bag and does it offers a warranty?

If you are planning to buy the branded laptop bag, then look for the one that has a good reputation in the market.

Before selecting any brand, it is always important to check their customer’s feedback.

2. Is the design of your bag user-friendly?

Always look for the bag that you can comfortably carry on your shoulders. The design of the bag should be such that you can find it easy to stuff in and take things out from the compartments of the bag.

3. How to clean a laptop bag?

It is important to clean laptop bags after using them for a while.  If there are some visible rags and dust, take an old toothbrush and rub those dirty parts.

It is convenient to wash the backpacks in washing machines.  Use mild detergents that would help you to remove the dirt easily. Rinse the bag thoroughly and let it dry.


Now Time To End This Article, We Hope You Liked The List Of Best Laptop Bags In India 2021. If You Have Still Any Doubts Left Then Feel Free To Ask In The Comment Section.

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