Best Bags Under 500 Rupees in India 2021

Best Bags Under 500 Rupees in India 2021

Hey everyone, how are you ? Hope so everyone is good. so today We will Discuss On a topic BEST BAGS UNDER 500 INDIA 2021, You all know that there are variety of BACKPACKS in the market  of different different prices, some backpacks are very costly where as some are Less expensive backpacks or low price backpacks.

And everyone has not so much money to buy costly Backpacks so some people also buy less expensive backpacks. So for this i have made a list of BEST SCHOOL AND COLLEGE BAGS UNDER 500/ BACKPACKS UNDER 500 RUPEES which will help you to buy backpacks according to your budget. So are you ready to see the list ? Then Lets go


American Tourister Scamp 44 cms Blue/Yellow Casual Backpack

Low price Backpacks

POLESTAR"Vintage Laptop Travel Backpack/Casual School bagpack

School Bags under 500 Rupes

DRAZO Outbox Drazo 35 L Polyester Captain America Print Backpack (Blue)


Best College Bags under 500


Backpacks Under 500 Rupees

So the first backpack in our list is :

1. Best Gear 14 Cm’s Blue Casual Backpack

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Features Of Best Gear 14 Cm’s Blue Casual Backpack

  • It is a blue colour casual backpack having a carrying capacity upto 20 liters Designed by GEAR.
  • You can use it for you school and college.
  • When it comes to its material , its outer material is made by Polyester which is the best well known fabric.
  • The best thing about this backpack is that the manufacturer has given  1 YEAR WARRANTY  also, which will give you a relaxation.
  • It has adjustable straps which will helps you to adjust the length of backpack according to your choice, also makes you more comfortable.
  • 1 compartment is  given by GEAR, where you can put your books, journals and so much things you want to put, this backpack gives you enough storing capacity.
  • Gives you durable zippers, and ideal for both men and women.
  • It has also a small pocket at the side of the backpack where you can put your water bottle  or Umbrella etc.
  • It is not compatible for laptop, you cannot put your laptop in this backpack.
  • Best school and college bags under 500.

2.  Best Monci Backpack For Men and Women


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Features Of Best Monci Backpack For Men and Women

  • It is a trendy backpack of blue colour can be used by both men and women.
  • It has three compartments where you can put your basic things like books, notebooks etc, gives you ample of space.
  • In front their is small compartment where you can put your lunch boxes, chips and so much things you want, Basically,you can put your eatables in this compartment.
  • In last compartment you can put your laptop also, it is compatible with laptop upto 18 inches.
  • Gives you side pocket for water bottle( water bottle holder is also present).
  • The manufacturer also gives you rain cover with this backpack that prevent your things in the bag from rain and make it safe.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY  was given by the manufacturer.
  • Adjustable straps helps to make you more comfortable, one small zipper pocket is at the bottom of the backpack where you can put your pens, pencils and stationary accessories.
  • Best School and College Bags under 500.

3. Best American Tourister Blue/Yellow Casual


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Features Of Best American Tourister Blue/Yellow Casual

  • It is the best light weight durable backpack of 240 grams weight, with mixture of colours, yellow and blue that makes it more stylish and good looking.
  • It has one compartment, and carrying capacity upto 19 liters providing a lot of space.
  • Talking to its material, its outer material is made up of Durable Double Dot Polyester Fabric that will protect your backpack from wear and tear.
  • Gives you laptop compatibility also, which helps you to easily carry your laptop on the backpack.
  • At front of backpack their is front stash compartment where you put your essential things like keys, transit cards etc. This compartment will give you quick access to your basic things.
  • For your  satisfaction manufacturer has given 1 YEAR WARRANTY.
  • I think it is perfect backpack for  college students and travel persons.
  • For your comfort, mesh padding is done on back and on shoulder strap which gives you proper support. You can wear this backpack for long lasting time without getting tired.
  • Best reviews were given by customers for this backpack.
  • Backpack is worth of its price, Economical backpack suits with almost budget so i recommend you to go for this best quality backpack.
  • Best School and College Bags Under 500.

4.  Best Polestar Laptop/Casual School/College Backpack

Low price Backpacks

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Features Of  Best Polestar Laptop/Casual School/College Backpack

  • It is the unique and stylish backpack in black colour, designed by POLESTAR have a volume upto  30 Liters ( Maximum space from other backpacks we have discussed above).
  • Perfect  for school and college students because it have lot of space .
  • It has mainly 2 spacious zipper compartments, First zipper compartment is for  small accessories like books, notebooks and journals. Second zipper compartment is for laptop, you can put your laptop also in this backpack, those who have not laptop can put their tables, phone accessories etc.
  • In second zipper compartment you can also put your clothes, documents etc.
  • This backpack is made up of premium leather fabric, and this backpack provides you organizer pocket in front where you can put your keys, cards and your stationary accessories. You can also quick access to Organizer pocket.
  • When we talk about its straps fully adjustable,  POLESTAR also gives you  Top Padded handle for your comfort.
  • Two side pockets are also present in this backpack where you can put your water bottle and umbrella.
  • The best feature of the backpack is that it has Ergonomic design means it has anti sweat air mesh cushioned back support helps you to relieve your stress while carrying. You can carry huge loads for long lasting time.
  • It is made in india, it is our india’s product.
  • One thing  i notice it fulfill every feature for choosing  best backpack, it can be used as school backpack, college backpack and travel backpack .
  • It is economical.
  • Low price Backpacks.

5.  Best Aristocrat 27 Liters Black Casual Backpack

Backpacks under 500 rupees

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Features Of Best Aristocrat 27 Liters Black Casual Backpack

  • It is Lightweight Black/blue colour  backpack with 350 Grams weight.
  • When we talk about its space, it has a carrying capacity upto 27 Liters, gives you so much space.
  • It has 2 compartments, first compartment is for small accessories like for  notebooks, lunch box and your basic things and second compartment is for large accessories where you can put your books and documents.
  • Both compartments have  Durable Zippers which helps to lock your bags/ backpacks.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY is given by the manufacturer to make you feel assured.
  • Adjustable straps are there, helps you to adjust according to your comfort.
  • 1  Powerful Padded handle is provided by ARISTOCRAT, to carry your backpack with one hand only.
  • It gives you optimum protection, its Polyester Pu coated fabric   makes the backpack durable and long lasting.
  • Separate laptop compartment is not given, it is absent in this backpack.
  • Water bottle pocket is also present  in the backpack.
  • Best Backpacks under 500 Rupees.

Final words:

I hope you like the list of Best College Bags under 500/ Backpacks Under 500 Rupees. So this list  helps you in choosing best quality backpacks  under 500 or Best low Price Backpacks. All Low Price backpacks shown above will suits your budget and are of best quality. So if i missed something or you have any doughts left, feel free to ask in comment section, i will reply you surely.



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